Advantage E-Corp

Bank from home, at the office, around the world. Bank daytime, nighttime, weekends and holidays. With Advantage E-Corp, you and your employees can manage business affairs anytime anywhere.

With Advantage E-Corp you can:

  • Set access levels for your employees
  • Check balances
  • View account histories
  • Transfer funds
  • View check images
  • Stop payment on checks
  • Process ACH files
  • Send wires
  • Download account data to most finance software programs


Overdraft Sweep

Eliminates manual transfers between your accounts, as well as costly overdraft fees, by linking your line of credit or other deposit accounts to automatically cover overdrafts.


AB Direct

No driving to the bank required! You know the routine. Pile up checks, hope you don’t lose any, then dash to the bank when you find the time.

That’s now history. AB Direct allows you to, using your desktop computer, scan and electronically deposit your customers’ checks! It’s the ideal solution for professional offices where time is limited, or for large corporations with multiple locations

Lockbox Service

Advantage Bank’s lockbox service helps you minimize the time and expense of processing payments, often cutting hours or even days out of your collection process. Our process converts your receivables into cash flow faster and provides your company same day reporting of items deposited into your account.

Utilizing Advantage Bank’s lock box service can:

  • Improve employee productivity-no need to drive to the post office and Bank.
  • Decrease the potential of error, theft or fraud.


Repetitive Wire Agreements

Send wires regularly? Let us make it as easy as an email or phone call.


Zero Balance Account

Eliminate manual transfers between your accounts while giving yourself an accurate picture of your total cash balance at a glance. This service allows you to fund multiple accounts from one main operating account automatically every night.



Loan Sweep

Why let your excess cash sit idle in your account? Our loan sweep service allows you the opportunity to use that cash to pay down any outstanding balance on your line of credit every night. Finally, a product that helps you manage interest expense, as well as cash flow.

Questions about Cash Management products?